Havdalah Set

Havdalah Set
Havdalah Set

Modern havdalah set includes kiddush cup, candle holder and spice holder on a tray to fit your style and budget.

Modern Havdalah Set Kiddush Cup, Spice & Candle Holder Set

Modern Havdalah set is used at the time of motzei Shabbat service – signifying the exit of Shabbat. It’s a most holistic Jewish ritual as the holiness of shabbat departs us and yet carries us throughout the upcoming week. Your collection can be made of any material from sterling silver, silver plated, pewter, lacquered wood hand painted. The collection typically consists of four pieces, the kiddush cup, the spice holder, the candle holder and a tray. If you purchase your’s in sterling silver our collection is treated against tarnishing. A pewter  Modern Havdalah Set never tarnishes. A modern havdalah set is a popular Jewish wedding gift at the same time a candle holder and Besamim is a meaningful gift used weekly. The wine cup can be any wine cup but our collection of wine cups fit the four piece arrangement and usually have an appropriate engraving. The spice holder in hebrew besamim holder can be filled with any spice of your preference and the container has holes of which to smell through. The tray often has engraved Hamavdil Ben Kodesh LeChol which means to separate between the holy Sabbath and the weekday. Shop now for that perfect arrangement individually or together such as besamim holder or candle holder that will represent a fabulous gift for any family and a beautiful Jewish heirloom.


Motzei Shabbat Ceremony

Used for the motzei shabbat ceremony our modern havadah set sale includes a multi wick candle , kiddush cup and spices. The essential blessings are to separate the weekday from the holy shabbat. We smell the besamim to appease the soul in separating from the holy shabbat. The candle reminiscent of the creation of fire has many meanings while the blessings mentions the separate status of Israel among the other nations as light is to darkness and as the Sabbath is to weekdays.

Motzei Shabbat is a special time. The ceremony separates the mundane week from the holy shabbat. Just like light and darkness, the Jewish nation and other nations, so too is the stark contrast and polar opposite is Shabbat to the rest of the weekdays. We call upon Eliyahu Hanavi in memory of the impending Geulah – redemption. Eliyahu Hanavi is the first element ushering in redemption before Moshiach and we particularly mention him on Motzei Shabbat since we are returning to the week and extend the feel of shabbat forward without forgetting and loosing hope of the high spiritual and elevating status we were meant to achieve in this world, as we connect heaven and earth as is our goal of the Jewish nation. Hence the spices are smelled as it soothes the neshama from departing with shabbat and is a sense totally non physical. The light of the fire of the candle restores our eyesight and is reminiscent of the light of the geulah and the light of Torah.

A modern havdalah set remains a fabulous practical gift to oneself, family and wedding gift. A continual weekly ritual is an integral part of the end of shabbat. These candles are an excellent Bar / Bat Mitzvah and wedding gift give away for your guests and at our prices a perfect choice. If you haven’t practiced the division of the week time , now is the time to initiate this beautiful Jewish service. Buy a modern havdalah set now.

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