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Antique Judaica
Antique Judaica

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Judaica & Jewish antiquity store. Buy rare collector’s silverware, books, coins and artifacts. Shop & purchase deals from Israel and around the world at a best price guarantee. Authentic carpets and Jewish tapestries reproductions with exact authentic designs of Torah cases, Biblical scenes of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the holyland. Moshe and various other antique scenes of Moses as well as Israel. Sites such as the Tomb of our patriarchs, Joseph’s tomb and depictions of Kabbalah in amazing antique tapestries. Own a piece of history today

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As trusted antique Judaica dealers, shop our store online for best prices. We are authorized dealers of specially showcasing rare artifacts in Judaica not found anywhere else. We cast special antique Judaica jewelry pieces such as rings and bracelets from 2,000 year old coins. Classic Judaic coins include the Roman rule over Israel in the years 60 BCE to 200 AD. Every coin is delivered with an authentic certificate of antiquities dealer stamped and signed from Israel. The famous Lily of Jerusalem, Bar Kochba Massada Revolt Bronze coins, Antonius Felix Prutah and ancient Herod Agrippa coins. Authentically signed and delivered with certificates.

Truly a unique set of ever evolving artifacts. Please inquire for special requests. Shop antique Judaica for sale with us.

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