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Jewish Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry

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Prepare to browse and shop from the most spectacular collection of ancient and modern designs in Judaica Jewelry. Browse online and buy a jewelry piece at a fraction of the price while vitally supporting the Israeli economy and its artists.

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When you wear our jewelry collection you can be proud to carry many of our deep meaningful Jewish symbols, in classic or modern styles. 

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Star of David – most commonly recognized Judaic symbol. Today, it is well accepted as the emblem of people from the Bible yet people of all faiths wear it. Representing perfect unity and equilibrium, and a deep connection to God, the star remains the most astounding fashionable emblem.
The Menorah is another iconic symbol. Now carried with stones or in classic gold or silver the menorah is available in two forms – the temple menorah 6 branch menorah and the modern chanukiah – 8 branch menorah. Either way a classic emblem of faith and heroism, fasionable in all wear and the official emblem of the state of Israel.
Evil Eye Bracelets – Our distinct bracelets and pendants feature ancient symbols of protection. The Talmud clearly states that the moment of death is brought in by the evil eye. Living each day in the face of others draws an eye toward your every aspect. As the nature of man and humanity is wrought with jealousy this brings about the evil eye. To ward off such forces, the evil eye bracelet is worn. Ahuva designs and manufacturers beautiful evil eye bracelets that are beautiful to wear, made in Israel and worn to ward off bad spirits. Fashion bracelets, necklaces, pendants and rings combined with the red string to effectively absolve negative forces.
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